Ecological responsibility

The quality of our products is essential for our business success and at the same time makes an important contribution to the sustainability of our product range. This also includes the continuous optimization of environmental protection measures in the supply chain as well as the strict control of the chemicals and materials used.

In addition, as the TOM TAILOR Group, we take various initiatives to fully assume the necessary responsibility for our environment.

The environment in our supply chain

The environment and the considerate use of resources are important issues for the TOM TAILOR Group. We can actively exert a positive influence on our products and our supply chain. Our focus here is on reducing the chemicals used, the use of sustainable materials, the lifespan of our products and compliance with local legal regulations. As a member of the BSCI (amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative), we have voluntarily committed ourselves to its code of conduct to comply with country-specific environmental protection laws.

As we source the majority of our products from manufacturers in Asia and Turkey, the transport of finished articles from producer to distribution centre is a significant issue in producing CO2 emissions. In order to make long term reductions in pollution, transport processes are being constantly optimized, for example in the implementation of improved container usage.

Strict limits on the use of chemicals

The TOM TAILOR Group has already launched its own DETOX initiative in 2015 to exclude environmentally harmful chemicals from production and gradually replace them with more environmentally friendly alternatives. This is a relevant issue for the entire textile industry. Over the years, the TOM TAILOR Group has developed and introduced various guidelines of its own for the use of chemicals by its suppliers. The list of harmful substances is regularly checked, new, relevant harmful substances are added, and the limit values are adjusted. As a result, some of these limit values even fall below the strict European requirements regulated by law. In addition, the company carries out random checks on specifically selected risk articles in external, recognized laboratories to ensure compliance with the specifications.


TOM TAILOR Group RSL adults 12.2019

TOM TAILOR Group RSL Appendix 12.2019

Chemical Compliance employees of Tom Tailor Sourcing Ltd. carry out an audit with the main companies working for us and develop action plans and define improvement measures with the suppliers based on the results. Regular supplier training courses are held by our Chemical Compliance Officers and external laboratories about chemical management.

In order to further advance the development of our chemical management, we have joined the amfori Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) in 2019. The amfori BEPI is an association of international companies with the aim of improving environmental conditions in the supply chain through a collaborative approach. The tool also offers the opportunity to collect further relevant environmental data from production plants, identify gaps and develop and implement targeted improvements together with suppliers and the Chemical Compliance Officers of TOM TAILOR Group. The TOM TAILOR Group plans to connect all Tier 1 suppliers and the associated production facilities to the amfori BEPI tool by 2020.

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