We offer our customers good quality fashion for attractive value for money.  In order to guarantee this we continuously check the whole supply chain.  Our internal and external standards, as well as compliance with our own guidelines regarding animal welfare, have the highest priority.



Our garments undergo various quality controls from production through to delivery at the point of sale during which checks are performed on the general workmanship and fit as well as the quality and material specifications.

Quality controls are carried out by our local sourcing offices. We check our goods according to AQL Standard 1.5 with regard to processing and AQL Standard 2.5 with regard to dimensions.  Our products are only delivered if they comply with the specified AQL standard.  Good product quality increases the lifespan of clothing. In this way we can make an important contribution to protecting the environment over the entire life cycle - from cotton cultivation to the subsequent disposal of the product by the end customer.

Increasing the use of sustainable cotton

Since 2016, the TOM TAILOR Group has been a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The BCI is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote better standards in cotton cultivation and establishing Better Cotton as a raw material.  The initiative not only aims to reduce pesticides, but also to ensure efficient water and soil use and fair working conditions.

In 2018, we increased the proportion of our own BCI cotton products to about 45 percent, more than doubling it from 2017. This enabled us to fulfil our target of 25 percent for the year. This good result was achieved through close cooperation with sourcing offices and suppliers as well as through systematic monitoring of the targets and measures we had set ourselves. In 2019, we intend to further increase this share to around 50 percent and also involve our license partners.

Animal Welfare

We have decided to comply with animal welfare measures and prohibit the use of animal hair, down and feathers from live plucking, genuine fur, angora, leather and hides of endangered animals as well as leather from Indian cows and shells.

Since 2015, the TOM TAILOR Group has also only been presenting fur-free collections and has since become a member of the Fur Free Retailer scheme. As of 2019, we will also be dispensing with the use of mohair.  All our suppliers undertake to observe these restrictions in the purchasing guidelines of the TOM TAILOR Group.

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