Social Responsibility


The well-being of our employees, the employees along the entire value chain of the TOM TAILOR Group and our dealings with customers are very important to us.  Our social responsibility not only includes support in exercising our voice and voluntary social benefits, but also a jointly developed management promise. Protecting the health of our employees and ensuring decent working conditions are also essential elements of our corporate culture.

Responsibility for our employees


Every day, our employees are committed to the success and continuous development of the TOM TAILOR Group.  Consequently, a central task of our human resources work is to recruit good employees, support them in their personal and professional development, and so forge long term bonds with the TOM TAILOR Group.

Here our focus is on well-being in the workplace. Central aspects include defining target agreements, advancement opportunities and fields of expertise and actively supporting their implementation.  To this end, a performance management tool has been developed in order to action these measures efficiently and transparently. In addition, we offer our employees voluntary social benefits. These include offers for a subsidized company pension scheme, occupational disability insurance, and support for childcare contributions.



A distinctive leadership culture is essential for an innovative company like the TOM TAILOR Group, in order to attract, promote and retain our talent.

Together with our managers and employees, we have therefore developed a leadership pledge that defines the shared requirements for cooperation. This promise is fulfilled through the provision of bespoke qualifications, our management development scheme, and regular and digitally supported appraisal interviews.

Education and Training


The TOM TAILOR Group attaches particular importance to the systematic training and further education of junior staff.  Our training concept ranges from vocational training at our Hamburg and Hamminkeln sites to internships, and trainee programs for university graduates.  We are continuously developing these offers.

Our broad range of further training courses is also continually revised and adapted to new requirements. These include technical measures such as textile training, but also competence-oriented development opportunities, for example in matters of intercultural competence.

We also regularly hold internal events with our entire TOM TAILOR Group team. These can cover a wide range of topics and event ideas. For example, there are regular 'Brown Bag Sessions' during the lunch break where managers or those responsible for new functions introduce themselves to the employees in a relaxed atmosphere.



The TOM TAILOR Group attaches great importance to ensuring that all employees are involved in operational decisions and their concerns.

There is a works council for TOM TAILOR Holding SE and its own representatives at TOM TAILOR and BONITA. Through flat hierarchies and an open and cooperative corporate culture, all employees can assume responsibility early on and develop their own ideas for joint success.

Health in the workplace

The personal health and well-being of our employees is a central concern for us.  So we regularly review our range of measures to promote health conscious outcomes.

In addition, we offer attractive conditions for reconciling work and family life, for example through our flexible working hours in the form of part-time, flexitime or home office.  We have also launched the "TOM TAILOR goes balance" initiative, which offers numerous seminars on stress prevention, health and much more.  When it comes to professional or private questions, our employees also have the opportunity to take advantage of external coaches for anonymous advice. This enables us to support our employees in coping with challenging and stressful life situations in order to sustain their health and well-being.

International Corporate Structure

As a fashion company, we depend on a large number of international employees and regard this as a clear success factor.  Employees from 52 different nations work for the TOM TAILOR Group.

They enrich our company with different cultural backgrounds, perspectives, opinions and experience. This opens up new potential which supports the long-term success of our company.  In addition, our employees are prepared for assignments abroad on the basis of seminars specially created for the TOM TAILOR Group in order to minimise cultural barriers.

Responsibility along the Supply Chain

Most of our collections are manufactured in Asia, where the bulk of global textile production is located. Widely dispersed supply structures in the textile industry require a high level of commitment in order to ensure decent, safe and fair working conditions in companies.  Accordingly, we have established a systematic model to minimize risks in our supply chain. This concept is based on supplier certifications, specifications of standards and the control and support of our local partners.

Through the TOM TAILOR Sourcing Ltd. joint venture, we have been in direct contact with our suppliers in the most important procurement markets in Asia and Turkey since 2011. As part of this cooperation, new suppliers will also be closely inspected with the help of auditors. If the audit result is successful, a contract is concluded in which the purchasing guidelines of the TOM TAILOR Group are set out. These include restrictions or a complete ban on the use of animal hair, certain types of down and feathers, genuine fur, leather and hides, mussels, silk from India, cotton from Uzbekistan, mulesing for sheep as well as the use of sandblasting in the production process and much more.

In the course of cooperation and on the basis of the amfori BSCI audit result, regular inspections of suppliers, scheduled and unscheduled, will be carried out by employees of our TOM TAILOR purchasing offices and by agencies accredited by amfori BSCI. In the event of non-compliance with specified standards, the supplier is sanctioned, or the employees of the TOM TAILOR purchasing company work together with the suppliers to develop suitable measures and implement plans in order to continuously improve standards and ensure renewed compliance.  In 2018 we were able to improve the audit results of 24 percent of our suppliers and further improvements are to follow in 2019.

In addition, high external and internal supply chain standards ensure that local risks are minimized.  We also voluntarily adhere to the principles of amfori BSCI in the production process, which encompasses all essential labour standards for the protection of employee rights set out by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the UN Global Compact and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. We are also committed to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and other internationally recognized agreements. These include a ban on child labour, safe and humane working conditions, fair wages, regulated working hours, compliance with local laws, no discrimination, and freedom of association under labour law so that employees can freely organize and negotiate collective bargaining agreements .

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