The TOM TAILOR GROUP’s collections are mainly manufactured in Asia, where the majority of global textile production takes place. The diversified supplier structures in the textile industry require great commitment in order to guarantee decent, safe and fair working conditions at the Asian suppliers.

The Company has implemented a system for minimizing supply chain risks. This concept rests on supplier certification, the stipulation of standards as well as controls and support for local partners. The Company has maintained purchasing offices in Asia’s most important procurement markets since 2011 via the joint venture TOM TAILOR Sourcing Ltd. so as to ensure direct contact with its suppliers, regularly monitor these itself and assist them.


With regard to its production process, the TOM TAILOR GROUP voluntarily adheres to the principles of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which includes all key standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN Global Compact and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Further elements are the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and other internationally recognized treaties. These include a ban on child labour, safe and decent working conditions, fair pay, regulated working times, adherence to local laws, no discrimination and workers’ freedom of association to form unions and freely negotiate rates.

Before the TOM TAILOR GROUP works with a new supplier, auditors from the purchasing company TOM TAILOR Sourcing perform in-depth checks of this supplier (Initial Factory Assessment). These inspections are based on the BSCI standards and standards defined by the Company. In 2016, the TOM TAILOR GROUP completed 165 initial audits and 25 follow-on audits at suppliers.

Over the course of the cooperation, employees from the TOM TAILOR purchasing offices and accredited agencies will perform regular announced and unannounced supplier audits and checks. If any deviations from the specified standards arise, the supplier will be sanctioned or the employees of the TOM TAILOR purchasing company will draft suitable measures and development plans with the supplier so that the standards are complied with once more.


The Company sources a large proportion of its merchandise from Bangladesh. In 2014, the TOM TAILOR GROUP opened its own purchasing office in Bangladesh to better control and safeguard local standards. The Company has made a long-term commitment to Bangladesh as a key procurement market. The purchasing office in Dhaka has around 100 employees working for the TOM TAILOR GROUP, most of them visit the factories on a daily basis.

In India, the TOM TAILOR GROUP has been a member of the Tamil Nadu Multi-Stakeholder Group (TNMS Group) since 2012, an association combining individual BSCI members and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). The group is taking a determined stand against Sumangali in southern India. Sumangali is a widespread form of employment in this region, in which young women undertake to work in factories for several years but do not receive the majority of their wages until the end of their multi-year employment. The idea is that the girls save for a dowry, which is a prerequisite for getting married. This widespread practice frequently results in a number of types of forced labour of young women. The TNMS Group is conducting systematic educational campaigns on the ground, including training suppliers, holding discussions with local legislators, NGOs and associations or setting up local community and training centers.

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Through passion, creativity and determination, the TOM TAILOR GROUP has become an international publicly listed fashion and lifestyle company – we are now one of Germany’s TOP 10 fashion retailers.

since 1962visionTo become one of Europe's leading fashion and lifestyle companies.overview
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